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6230 Old Lagrange Rd, Crestwood, KY 40014


38.336543429363, -85.462829137462



Kentucky Artisan Distillery is a very unique place in the distillery world. KAD is a contract distiller and bottler and currently serves as the home for Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon.

Serving as the home for Jefferson’s Bourbon means that a large amount of the brand’s distilling, bottling, and aging happens onsite. KAD also works with Jefferson’s to help many of their innovative products become realities. Visit our ‘Brands’ page to learn more about this relationship.

Kentucky Artisan Distillery is one of the few distilleries that produce bourbon and spirits literally from the roots to the bottle, all by hand. We contract to grow our grains on 700 acres neighboring our distillery at Waldeck Farm. Our distillery is completely run by our distillers, not a computer. And every bottle that goes down our bottling line is touched by several sets of hands.