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860 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210


42.8749925, -78.8452449



In the rural hills of Wyoming County, where the pavement turns to dirt and the cornfields line the road, we set up shop in a small barn to distill craft spirits. This humble endeavor began by chance with the arrival of a homemade pot-still via family friend and southern moonshiner “Cowboy Bob”. It was here that Bob taught us the basics of distilling.

In 2012, we filed for our DSP and NYS Class D Farm permits. This newly created license required at least 75% New York State grown produce to be used for the production of Spirits (we use 100%). This law allows for the direct sale to consumers, liquor stores, bars and restaurants without having to sell through a distributor. Thus making it possible to compete with large producers and promote local agriculture.

By 2016 we decided to bring the Buffalo Distilling Company back to where its’ original namesake was founded in 1883 “The City Of Good Neighbors”, Buffalo.

As luck would have it we were able to work with a group of developers revitalizing the historical Larkin district within the city. The Larkin Development group leased and eventually sold us the old Duchmann and Son’s carriage factory built in 1890. Located at 860 Seneca street we were able to participate in the slow rebuilding of a once-thriving area.

Staying true to Buffalo’s tradition of hard-working, roll-up your sleeves ingenuity, we designed, engineered and installed our custom pot stills, mash tank and steam system. We take pride in continuously growing and building our distillery, now complete with a cocktail bar and tasting room.