Savannah Bourbon Company offers two distinctly different bourbons: the Savannah 88 and Sweet Tea Lemonade. Both spirts are made of all natural ingredients, use grains such as coastal rye, winter wheat and Silver Queen corn, and are aged in new oak barrels, resulting in a smooth finish. The Sweet Tea Bourbon takes it a step by infusing the bourbon with all-natural tea and citrus.  We source select grains such as coastal rye, winter wheat and coveted Silver Queen corn as a part of an eight-grain mash bill. We think you'll find Savannah 88 unquestionably premium, satisfying and smooth. Take a journey South, Savannah 88. Thank you for taking an interest in Savannah.  We set out to make a premium, refreshing bourbon in our home state paying homage to one of America's coolest towns, Savannah.  Savannah is bursting with beauty and culture and a good time vibe as one of America's rare open-container cities.

We've worked hard to make sure you're satisfied every time you tear the ribbon and pop the cork of a Savannah Bourbon bottle.

We only use all-natural ingredients, new oak barrels and never use any artificial flavors or colors.

Premium. Southern. Refreshing. Best served outdoors.  Thanks for your support.  Cheers!