Family owned and operated
As all good ideas do, this too began as a conversation around a campfire on one of our many family camping trips. Two and a half years later, Bill and Bob had successfully turned their dream into a reality. Pine Tavern Distillery operates on our family owned, Hidden Pond Farm in Monroeville, NJ. ​ Our line of Muddy Run Jersey Style Spirits is named after the creek that runs through the back of our farm. Our line of Fenwick's New Salem Spirits is named after Salem, NJ founder, John Fenwick. Our Muddy Run Jersey Style Spirits are handcrafted in small batches using primarily local ingredient (most of which are from our farm!). Our Fenwick's New Salem Spirits are distilled in Kentucky and barrel aged and bottled at Pine Tavern Distillery. We strive to create craft spirits that are bold, smooth, and unique. ​

Fenwick's New Salem Single Barrel Bourbon

Our traditional bourbon with a complex sweet corn taste, with a vanilla, caramel oak finish Aged a minimum of 6 months in hand selected small casks