Olde Towne Distillery produces flavored Moonshines at 80 proof, creating a flavorful taste combined with the "kick" expected by the dedicated moonshine drinker. Presented in the time honored tradition of the illegal Moonshines, a collectible stone jug. Perfect for gifts and great bar display pieces. Our approach to the production of "White Lightning", is one handed down by generations. Just like the old timers, a decades old recipe, combined with slow cooking on a copper pot still, brings the moonshine lover back to the days of the illegal shine bought from the bootlegger. Just enough proof to make you wince, smooth enough to make you want more! The legendary Kentucky Bourbon Trail burns a path through the Appalachian Mountains, and is renowned for its signature taste in whiskey and unique culture. Yet off of the beaten path hometown bourbons are forged in the backwater areas of Kentucky by master craftsmen who take the time to observe and refine every batch of bourbon. These craftsmen combine varieties of nature's grains straight from the fertile Kentucky soil to produce that one perfect flavor for the drinker's choice. That refined flavor comes from the naturally filtered spring water that flows through the limestone that we use to make our Elkhorn Bourbon with. At Olde Towne Distillery, we honor those old traditions, and have crafted our Elkhorn Bourbon brand unlike any other. The Elkhorn name comes from the quiet, yet sophisticated, area of Elkhorn Creek. With the combination of high potency and our lavish taste, help provide every bourbon drinker the satisfaction they are looking for. Elkhorn Bourbon is truly a masterpiece of Appalachia's bourbon art. Available in traditional or honey. Showcasing premium flavored moonshines, blended whiskeys and premium liquors, Olde Towne Distillery is making its mark with Hemp Moonshine.  This is a distillation method wherein moonshine is processed with hemp seed grain to create a nutty flavor profile – one that has never before been experienced in the world of moonshine. The distillery produces flavored moonshines at 80-proof, including maple, watermelon, peach and apple pie, creating a flavorful taste combined with the “kick” expected by dedicated moonshine drinkers. It is presented in the time-honored tradition of illegal moonshine, in a collectible stone jug. As have generations of moonshine makers before them, the distillers work with a decades-old recipe combined with slow cooking on a copper pot still to bring moonshine lovers back to the days of illegal shine bought from a bootlegger. Olde Towne’s Elkhorn Bourbon combines high potency and lavish taste to evoke the signature taste and unique art and culture of whiskey made in the Appalachian Mountains. It is available in traditional and honey flavors. Its Battlefield Collection comprises a smooth spirit whiskey that commemorates the Battle of Perryville, which took place during the Civil War. It is a 90-proof blended whiskey – 90 percent whiskey, 10 percent bourbon – with a smooth flavor that is perfect for sipping.