After watching millions of Vegas bro trips, bachelorette parties, and ballin’ high-rollers push mass-market hard liquor through their livers by the bottle, Las Vegas residents have gotten thirsty for something better. All about that hootch, Vegas was right there midwifing the birth of the craft distillery scene in Nevada. When George Racz founded Las Vegas Distillery, he bumped up against Nevada’s Prohibition-era three-tier alcohol distribution laws, which made it nearly impossible for him to serve samples or sell his products out of his distillery. A huge supporter of all things local, Racz teamed up with a few other Nevada distillers to co-draft the bill that paved the way for up-and-coming craft distilleries in the state. So next time you’re leaving a Nevada distillery with a couple bottles of craft booze under your arm and a shot in your belly, you know who to thank. Las Vegas Distillery, in the spirit of friendship and cooperation, values keeping business within their Nevada neighborhood and sources most of their grain from Winnemucca Farms in the north of the state. Check them out for a free tour (from George himself) or to smell, see, and catch a little buzz off their range of Vegas-born gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, something crazy (or genius) called “Rumsky,” and the very first Nevada bourbon ever created.