It all began with growing superior corn, wheat & rye on Henry Farms. When we decided to produce bourbon, we specially selected an heirloom, red corn developed at the University of Wisconsin in 1939, which makes J. Henry & Sons Bourbon so unique. Our bourbon is a natural extension of what we already do, and it’s our privilege to offer bourbon whiskey made with our exacting production standards from these high-quality ingredients grown right here on our farm.

But this almost wasn’t the case. Many years back, our farm was struggling, like so many farms, during the farm crisis of the 1980s. Joe Henry, was faced with a decision: walk away from the farm he loved and grew up on because it could not sustain itself, or find a way to turn it around —Joe chose to save his family farm.

It took Joe and Liz several years to turn the farm around. To do so, Joe worked part-time for himself and part-time for other seed corn producers. It took a lot of hard work and sleepless nights to get there, but the reward — a successful farm that would carry on the family’s legacy — made it all worth while. In a way, this makes J. Henry & Sons Bourbon a celebration — a gift that all can enjoy because of the dedication Joe, his family and his team made to save Henry Farms.

Speaking of our farm, it’s located in Dane, Wis., about 20 miles north of Madison. Where we’ve been raising the heritage red corn, rye and wheat used in our premium bourbon since 1946.

We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, it’s all a part of the bourbon-making process on our farm — from growing the seeds, to harvesting, to the actual creation of our straight bourbon that’s aged for a minimum of five years to attain that warm amber color and smooth, mellow flavor. Our barrels rest in a warehouse that is not temperature controlled — so they endure the wild, Wisconsin weather swings, sometimes 100 degrees in one year, that squeeze extra flavor out of the charred oak. Creating a great bourbon requires time and patience and the Henry’s have made that investment without compromise.

From tasting tours at Henry Farms, celebrating special occassions and giving distinctive gifts of our premium bourbons to enjoying our bourbon whiskey in your own home, we hope you will include J. Henry & Sons when you take the time to reward yourself. Wisconsin Foodie Outstanding In The Field Bourbon Dinner with Heritage Tavern.