The thought of owning a small family business has always appealed to my family. Make a product that people need and want, but make it well enough to sign your name on it. Be proud enough of your work that you are not ashamed for people to know it came out of your shop. This is how Hillbilly Stills started and how it is run on a day to day basis. We now focus on high quality Copper Moonshine & Alcohol Still Kits. Popcorn Sutton was the father of moon shining and perfected his craft to a point of being known as the leader of his craft and skill. This is how Hillbilly Stills wants to be known and will strive to create the perfect still each and every time. We are a small family operation, in a small town in Western Kentucky, with big dreams and goals of becoming the best in the industry. Every still is hand made, one at a time, made the way we would want one if we were to buy from someone else. Craftsmanship and beauty are the main parts of each and every still we ship out. We hope you enjoy your copper moonshine or alcohol still and have as much fun with it, as we here at Hillbilly Stills have supplying you with the best the industry has to offer. We like to say here at Hillbilly Stills that we are the King of Copper!  
ou need to make fuel or moonshine. Whether you are a master distiller or just learning how to make moonshine, the 26 gallon home still system is what you need. Here you can order portions of the still or a turn-key distillery to get your still up and running the day it arrives at your home. This at-home still kit can get you on your way to making spirits at home and can serve as a perfect large whiskey still as well.