Our story begins with John David Madison's Grandfather, John Gentry Madison. A retired real estate developer, Madison fell in love with thoroughbred racehorses. When he decided to get into racing he took Gary Madison - John David's (JD's) father - to Kentucky and they bought their first horse, whose blood line dated back to the world famous War Admiral. Thereafter, Madison collected prized race horses from Kentucky to California and throughout the nation. After years of breeding on the family horse farm, one colt showed enough promise to bear the name, Gentry.
His dream was to take Gentry back to Kentucky to win the big race, however, he passed away before he could live out his dream. In a realm of tradition, romance and legacy, we decided to name our Charleston bourbon in honor of John Gentry Madison. Our mission at Gentry is to restore the rich tradition and legacy of our beloved John Gentry Madison by taking some of the proceeds from our bourbon to rebuild the family thoroughbred horse farm to be restored in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. It is a match made in heaven, as our originator has a long love affair with horses. JD's history with horses has taken him from working his Grandfather's ranch to breaking horses in The Colorado Rockies and playing polo in South Carolina, Florida and New York. On behalf of the entire Madison Family, we thank you for learning more about our rich family history and new hand-crafted bourbon, Gentry.