Don Quixote Distillery & Winery proudly offers a diverse array of Spirits, Wines, Ports, Extracts and Chocolates each handcrafted using the finest ingredients and old world techniques

Every wine, spirit, extract and chocolate we produce is handcrafted at either our Los Alamos or Santa Fe facilities. We are a small batch producer that carefully manages each phase of the manufacturing process. Our wines use 100% of each varietal grape called out on the label. In other words, when you buy a Don Quixote Merlot it is 100% merlot from a single vintage - no blending.
Don Quixote Single Cask Blue Corn Bourbon is a smooth all natural whiskey with a rich caramel finish. This bourbon is handcrafted from organic NM blue corn using an all-natural process that begins by naturally malting our grain to convert the starch to sugar. This avoids the need for barely and reduces our carbon footprint. We barrel age our single cask at the top of the row of the barrel room to maximize temperature variation. Warm weather aging draws the bourbon deep into the oak while cold weather aging pushing the bourbon back out. This cycling effect enhances our single cask bourbon’s deep taste and aroma. If you are a connoisseur of high quality whiskey, you will enjoy our single cask Blue Corn Bourbon. 750ml Bottle at 40% Ac. by Vol.