Do Good Distillery is a family-owned craft distillery located in Modesto, California


As a family spirits enthusiasts, our primary goal is to make uniquely wonderful craft spirits, with an emphasis on whisky. We strive to use local ingredients as much as possible, and give back to our local community in true “Do Good” fashion.


Do Good Distillery is our dream come true that began quite simply with Jim Harrelson sharing workday stories over whiskey and cigars with his brother-in-law, Paul Katuszonek.  As Paul introduced Jim to various styles of craft whisky, it piqued Jim’s curiosity and got him wondering about the parallels between making good whisky and making good beer.  As Jim began researching the whisky-making process, he realized that his foundation in home-brewing beer could make a useful foundation for craft distilling.  As the saying goes, “Whisky is what beer wants to be when it grows up.”  While it’s not quite that simple, that is a driving principle behind Do Good’s unique whisky line-up.  Jim’s passion and drive made convincing his family that his “crazy idea” to open a distillery in Modesto, CA fairly easy.  While Do Good Distillery was still a “someday” dream, tragedy struck and we lost Paul in a car accident.  Losing Paul drove home the idea that life is simply too short and uncertain for us to be doing anything less than passionately pursuing our dreams.  So, on October 11, 2013, Do Good Distillery was founded on what would’ve been Paul’s 31st birthday. The name, Do Good comes from a quote attributed to Ben Franklin, “You do well, by doing good.”  We find that as a simple guiding principle that sums up our business and commitment to helping our community quite nicely.  Because of the key role that Paul played in the foundation of Do Good Distillery, his handsome face graces all of our tamper seals and our tasting room wall.  Paul is also the inspiration behind our NightHawk Rye bourbon.