Revitalized the former Old Taylor Distillery founded in the 1800’s (and abandoned for over four decades), Castle & Key Distillery is an architectural treasure centered around a limestone castle, elaborate gazebos and sunken gardens. In addition to the open space available within one of the beautiful warehouses on site, several gardens and outdoor spaces have been transformed into event venues for private events, tastings, cocktail parties and weddings. Award-winning garden designer, Jon Carloftis (known for his work with NYC rooftops, including Google), is resurrecting the historic landscape that surrounds the distillery and new visitor’s center. At the foot of the castle is a koi pond with benches surrounded by greenery, southern magnolia and hydrangea. The grounds also feature a quarter-mile botanical garden path from which the distillery team will source botanicals for their gins and other spirits. Castle & Key Distillery is an exclusive, premium event venue that will become available for weddings and private events starting in September of 2017. Castle & Key Distillery, in Woodford County, is getting ready to start production. If you come here often, you've likely heard of this project. The former Old Taylor Distillery, a historic distillery that closed in 1972, is being revamped and renamed Castle & Key by a company called Peristyle LLC. The company received preliminary approval for tax incentives from the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority in 2014 for this project. It also has hired Marianne Barnes, the first female master distiller in recent history, to lead its product development. According to an email blast from the company earlier this week, equipment at the distillery is ready to go. Boilers have been inspected and approved, and piping is complete throughout the facility. The company's first run of bourbon is set to come off its still by the end of October. Production will be in full swing soon, and the distillery's gin and vodka products should be on shelves in January, the email blast noted. This timetable seems to be in line with expectations — maybe just a little off. The company told us earlier this year that Castle & Key production would begin this summer. Its rye whiskey is expected to be available by 2018, and the bourbon product will hit the shelves at some point after that.