Reminiscent of the days when bourbon was celebrated as the Life-blood of the region, our new distillery is 5,000 square feet set on 2.5 acres. It includes a 500-gallon pot still, four fermenters and a small bottling line with a capacity of hundreds of barrels of small batch bourbon a year. Barrels will be stored on site, in a 3,000-square-foot warehouse behind the distillery. In every detail of our operation, we’ve respected our history while investing in our future. Our tag line, “Made by Ghosts,” harkens to the early pioneers who crafted spirits in Boone County more than 100 years ago. Boone County Distilling Company opened its facility in Independence, KY and began distilling in October of 2015. They joined the Kentucky Distillers’ Association at the end of that year.  Since then, the company has released a 120 proof white dog, a bourbon cream, and a bourbon- Eighteen 33, which pays homage to the year the first Boone County Distilling Company was founded (there is no relation between the original and this distillery save the name). Eighteen 33 is a ten year old bourbon bottled at 90.8 proof.  If you’re trying to work out the math, don’t bother.  A ten year old whiskey from a less-than-two year old distillery doesn’t work out. This is sourced, and it states Lawrenceburg, IN as the source on the label, which means this is MGP distillate.  To some, just mentioning MGP elicits groans.


Eighteen 33 is packaged in a nicely shaped bottle with orange and black label. The scheme reminds me slightly of Bulleit, and it is corked, not a screw top, and that cork is topped with a nice wooden cap. It’s a good looking bottle.


Medium brown.


Some caramel along with lots of oak greet the nose. There are some underlying leather and earthy notes as well, though oak seems to be the featured aroma.


The tip of the tongue gets a healthy dose of caramel, but the center of the palate, from back to front, is then hit with a long, oily, not-altogether-unpleasant punch of oak, which again becomes the featured flavor.  The age is readily apparent. There are some notes of light vanilla on the periphery, along with hints of tobacco and leather as well.


Some rye spices pop up on the finish, along with some caramel notes, but everything plays second fiddle to the oak. This sip really displays the age of the whiskey. Water didn’t help a ton, as it primarily just muted the non-oak flavors.  But the finish is medium in length.